Smells like ML

IVA Pipelines with NVIDIA TLT and Deepstream SDK 5.0

Fast IVA application prototyping and development

NVIDIA deepstream sdk, tlt toolkit, python, tensorflow, pytorch, caffe


The Modeling behind Population Health Management

SIR and Network Flows

Data Mining Kaggle's COVID-19 Research Corpus with BERT + ElasticSearch

Standing up a state-of-the-art search engine in an afternoon!

Deepfake Detection: Challenge Accepted

A video analytics pipeline to combat the spread of misinformation.

A Vanishing Act

Blurb on blurring people to protect privacy.

Everybody Dance Faster

We share some of our experiments applying GANs to generate motion transfer videos

Hacking the new EdgeTPU

Experimenting with an embedded device designed for edge AI applications

YogAI: Smart Personal Trainer

Taking the smart mirror up a couple notches with an on device AI personal trainer.

PoseNet & Privacy Protection

Protecting personally identifiable information using PoseNet

CNNs for Seizure Prediction wearable

Revisiting an old Kaggle contest to create an AI embedded device for seizure prediction.

DIY Smart Thermostat using RL

An application using RL on embedded hardware.

Learning a curve filter with cycleGANs for color manipulation

An interesting application of cycleGANs for color correction and temperature adjustment.

Buddy: A computer vision data flywheel

Scraping the web and tuning your network to create your own AI application.

Alexa, where are my keys?

Find your keys around the house faster with this Alexa skill using machine learning and cheap bluetooth beacon tags.