Smells like ML

Learning a curve filter with cycleGANs for color manipulation

An interesting application of cycleGANs for color correction and temperature adjustment.

PoseNet & Privacy Protection

Protecting personally identifiable information using PoseNet

An Automated HCC Coding Playbook

AI supported HCC coding

CNNs for Seizure Prediction wearable

Revisiting an old Kaggle contest to create an AI embedded device for seizure prediction.

Jumping off in the deep end of IDS

Machine learning and cybersecurity

So you wanna drop an AI mobile app?

Some tips on releasing AI apps on Android/iOS

DIY Smart Thermostat using RL

An application using RL on embedded hardware.

LitterBug: project breakdown

How we approached creating an autonomous trash rover

Buddy: A computer vision data flywheel

Scraping the web and tuning your network to create your own AI application.

Alexa, where are my keys?

Find your keys around the house faster with this Alexa skill using machine learning and cheap bluetooth beacon tags.