Generating a Buzz applications of GANs

ML & NIDS intrusion detection, NSL-KDD, NIDS, deep learning

Alexa, where are my keys? hacking, home automation

Alexa, where are my keys? bluetooth hacking, gatttool, wireshark

Python Infosec hacking, security

Hacking AR 2.0 embedded, BusyBox, USB bridge

Project: PoochPak IoT, Home Security, Make, YOLO Object Recognition

FitBud IoT, Home Automation, Make

Kracking Kaggle Competition Smorgasbord

Porto Seguro Competition Insights

Porto Seguro The Shakeup

AlphaGo Zero The Environment

AlphaGo Zero Seeing Go

AlphaGo Zero Learn with Search

ships or icebergs Kaggle CV challenges

Age Imputation a notebook

Visualizing EEG Revisiting Seizure Prediction

CNNs for EEG Applying Deep Learning to Seizure Prediction

Reduced Speed Ahead Visualizing with Autoencoders

Need for Speed I Optical Flow & Feature Extraction

Need for Speed II Deep Learning for Visual Odometry

Need for Speed III LSTM + Conv

Need for Speed IV The Results

AHA!! Intelligent Solutions to the Housing Crisis

AHA: Part II Fine Tuning to Learn Visual Preference

Beyond MNIST Toward Generally Useful Convnets

Distributed OCR with AWS OCR 1 million documents today